Agriobs is setup so that there is one organisation administrator per company that manages all the access for all the other people in the company.

The Agriobs Essential Plan (only plan available) includes two members - the administrator plus one other. More member slots can easily be purchased.

All members apart from the organisation administrator will have a login id of the following format:


For example the member with name Jed at organisation Boughton Ag would be provided with login id and a password selected by the organisation administrator. This password can be changed.

Each member is required to setup their own fields.


To add and invite an additional member please follow the following steps:

1. Make sure you are logged in as the organisation administrator

2. If not already at the Configuration Page navigate to it by pressing the Config button at bottom right of the map

3. Open the Manage Organisation section by pressing it

4. Press Add Member

5. If you have membership slots available you can provide a name and password, otherwise you can launch the payment portal to purchase additional members

6. A login id will be generate containing the member name and organisation - give the credentials to the new member and a link to the support page to install the app and login (

6. Coming Soon - enter the new members email address so they will receive an invite to access Agriobs from you with their login credentials